Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nice Rack!

Sometimes I joke that having a cool basket on my bike is the only reason someone might yell that at me. But we're not talking about baskets or boobs here. I've seen some super cool new bicycle parking in Denver recently that's worth sharing. Just to brag a little, the photo on the left is our office bike rack (on a cold snowy day no less!). Plus i'll let you in on a secret. My co-worker who only rides super high end carbon fibre nerd bikes loves to take deposits to the bank on the new Globe... Just don't tell his racing buddies.

Two things I feel very strongly about are bike parking and bike route signage. If you have no clue where you're going or where you can safely lock your bike, who cares if there's a great bike lane or path. More and more i'm seeing employers, retail shops, restaurants and bars realize that offering safe, visable, and attractive bike parking brings in more business and shows their employees that they care about them.

This past Monday morning I met a new-comer to my bike route to work. Over the past year a brand new LEED certified building has gone up on Larimer street and this past week Namaste Solar Energy moved in and is using it as their new Denver office and distribution center. As I stopped to take a photo of their cool new bike racks (pictured left) the co-owner and fellow bike commuter Jason Sharpe introduced himself and we had a chance to chat about the fleet of bikes he's planning to buy for his staff. His plan is to offer bikes for his staff to ride to lunch, meetings, and to city hall for permits for installations. This guy gets it!

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